About White Horse Cuisine

After five years and over tens of thousands of R&D test runs,
we proudly present our line of tomorrow's standardized Chinese meals today .

Long before the global pandemic, White Horse group has envisioned a standardization revolution for China’s food business supply chain is close to come, along with consumers demand for standardized food products. Thus, White Horse has been consistently investing in the research and development of premium Chinese precooked foods, sourcing and supply chain managing, and neo food brand building.

White Horse Cuisines is the product of this quest, launched since late 2018.

Core Technology
BM Pasteurization Precooked Food Technology

Approaching from a distinctly different technical path against frozen precooked foods, with 5 years of research, over hundreds of recipe designing and tens of thousands of prototype productions, White Horse Cuisine has successfully tailored Chinese precooked foods that can be shipped and stored in room temperatures, by entering raw meats into our designed half auto production line and combining the cooking process of food with the 121 ℃ pasteurization process. This distinctive technology has forged a high ground for White Horse Cuisines, with high technical barrier, high quality product standards, high level of food security and high production efficiency.

While the room temperature competitors are still struggling to come close to frozen foods, far from conquering the complexities of the high temperature pasteurization process which may cause changing of food textures and instability of flavors, White Horse’s technical breakthroughs has put our products direct in line competing against frozen food, or even many products have proven to be ahead of them in quality.

White Horse Cuisines have been praised by industry specialists and market observers as the leader in quality of products today.

Giving Consumers an Easier Choice
White Horse Cuisine in the Rise of Precooked Foods

Since the global pandemic in 2019, precooked foods have started to gain attraction from consumers as a new way of life.

White Horse Cuisines can help consumers solve daily food matters, such as advancing their desires and capabilities to cook, easy meal deciding process, and not wasting time on waiting for food delivery. Being fully pasteurized and individually seal packed, White Horse Cusines leave no waste and are safe of contamination during shipment and storage, which is a huge advantage for food securities these days. A much shorter cooking times, our foods are more energy efficient. The cooking process is also hassle-free, quick and easy, almost too hard for any newbie to fail, while achieving 5-star-chef like results.

With only a simple boiler and some hot water, 8 dishes and a soup couple be on the table in 5 minutes time.

White Horse Cuisines Product Line

White Horse Cuisines currently contains three line of products, which include fully precooked dishes, DIY precooked soup bases with meats and premium fast noodle/rice full meal options, covering most of consumer needs. 23 products are available online to be shipped nationwide. More developments and brand collaborations are to come shortly with partnership brands for targeted offline sales channels, with over 130 products in the pipeline covering territorial famous dishes and vegetable/ vegan meat options, etc.